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Permanent Waving

Permanent Waving Services

Who has time every morning to spend hours getting their hair to have that perfect curl? Just imagine, with permanent waving treatments, there is no need for early morning curling irons or evening perm rods to fix that “bed head” every morning.  At Fusion, our stylists can give you beautiful curls for both long and short hair styles. We offer basic perms, as wells as specialty curling treatments to give the popular spiral curls, beach waves, and piggy-back curls. Save time each day and love the way you look with your new curls!

(Handheld device users: You may need to rotate your device in order to view the price list in its entirety.) 

Permanent waves at Fusion Salon Wilmington
Service New Talent Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Master Level 1 Master Level 2
Basic Perm Wraps $62 $65 $69 $72 $74 $78 $81
Specialty Wraps
(Spiral Curls)
$92 $95 $99 $104 $108 $111
Specialty Wraps
(Beach Waves)
$92 $95 $99 $104 $108 $111
Specialty Wraps
$92 $95 $99 $104 $108 $111