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Custom Makeup

Ashley Sachs Blended custom makeup

Custom Blended Foundations are:
Cruelty free, Gluten free, Talc free, Bismuth Oxychloride free, Paraben free, Sulfate free, Synthetic dye free, Fragrance free, and
Triclosan free

Consultation appointment are available at Fusion Salon. To set up an appointment or to learn more about Ashley’s custom cosmetics, please go to Ashley’s website: simplyblended.com.

Custom Makeup: Blended by Ashley

Fusion Salon is pleased to work with Ashley Sachs, of Blended by Ashley. Blended Custom Cosmetics empowers women of all ages and skin tones to live confidently, with a custom line of cosmetics created specifically for her unique color.

Simplify your life and your look with Custom Blended Cosmetics. No longer do you need to waste hours at the drugstore holding bottles of foundation up to your face just to take the product home and realize for some reason the color is a completely different shade than it appears in the bottle. Never again do you have to go through the expensive process of getting a makeover at a department store to find the colors are all wrong in the daylight.

Finding the perfect foundation is time-consuming, expensive and for a majority of people without 20-year old perfect skin, hopeless . . . until now!

When you book a Custom Blend Consultation you will get your absolutely perfect foundation in four easy steps in just 30 quick minutes.

  1. Base color is matched (this is where other products start and stop)
  2. Undertone color is adjusted (think green for redness or purple if you always look orange)
  3. Skincare is added (Do you want a glow or a matte look? Are you dry or oily?)
  4. Coverage level is adjusted (from a sheer tint to a full coverage concealer)
  5. Now that your makeup has been applied, you can choose to leave with a sample size or purchase a small or large bottle at a price point that won’t break the bank.

Does your skin change with the seasons? No problem! You can get your blend adjusted to meet your current skin needs. And your blend will never be discontinued! Your formulas have been recorded so you can either order online or if you are environmentally-conscious, you can come refill your bottle in person up to three times at a 10% discount.

There is no foundation that can beat a Custom Blended Foundation that has been personalized to your exact skin color, tone, texture and finish needs. You can rest easy knowing your Blends are guaranteed to be fresh as they are never pre-blended and the expiration date is labeled on your blend.