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Girls Classes

Make-Up Application Classes

Let’s be honest – our makeup can have a huge impact on how we look and feel. The perfect smokey eye and shade of lipstick can boost our confidence and make us feel like we are ready to take on the world. But most of us are not makeup artists, and need a little help mastering the techniques that best complement our unique facial features. That’s were Fusion Salon can help! We offer classes for teens and adults, working closely to help you pick the best colors to compliment your skin tones, as well as teaching trendy makeup techniques, or just the tried-and-true traditional applications that make us all look timeless.

Makeup application classes at Fusion Salon Wilmington

All Class Participants:  Please BRING all your beauty regime supplies to your class. Using your own products, our makeup artist will show you which are the most flattering to your skin tone and teach you the best application techniques to be your most gorgeous self.

Girls’ Class  |  $40 PP

Do you love makeup but aren’t really sure what your skin tone is and what colors and techniques look best on you? Do you want to learn how to create a drop-dead gorgeous look that’ll have your classmates jealous?

Our Girls’ Class is a fantastic way to introduce you to lifelong skills and techniques which will have you putting your best face forward every day, ensuring that you are confident on how to apply your makeup in a way which enhances your best features.. The secret to teen makeup is subtlety – less really is more! You will learn all about skincare, tools and application for the daytime, plus special occasion makeup application.

Brightening My Makeup Routine  |  $50 PP

Our skin changes over time and our makeup routine needs to adjust to these inevitable changes. Makeup colors and techniques that looked fabulous in our 20s might not be doing the job in our 30s, 40s and above.

Fusion’s Brighten My Makeup Routine Class is designed with the mature woman in mind. Our makeup artist will take the time to evaluate your skin tone, help pick out your most flattering colors, and teach you new techniques that will highlight and enhance your features. Your beauty is timeless, but our makeup techniques can help you turn back the clock just a little bit!