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Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Eyebrows  |  $250

Soft Shaded or Microstroke

The eyebrows have the power to frame your entire face and bring out a more youthful dimension. With the right size and shape, your brow can open your eyes and compliment your natural facial features. Soft, subtle, and beautiful eyebrows can be created using advanced techniques in hair stimulation or shading, whichever is suitable for your face and skin.

Permanent eyebrows at Fusion Salon Wilmington
Benefits of permanent eyebrows

Fusion Salon offers permanent cosmetics for the eyebrows! All new permanent cosmetic procedures include two (2) applications. Consultations are highly recommended. If you already have Permanent Eyebrows done by another technician, you are considered a NEW client to Fusion and the NEW service pricing structure applies. If a third application is required because of color and/or shape correction is needed, an additional $100 fee will be charged.

While Permanent Cosmetics are intended to be permanent, your procedure will require maintenance for boosting the color and refining the shape. Maintenance should be performed approximately every 3 years and will be charged at a discounted rate.

Fusion Salon uses SofTap Permanent Cosmetics

Policies and Procedures:

  • All services are performed as personal appointments Monday-Saturday.
  • Failure to provide 24 hours notice for cancellation of your permanent cosmetic appointment will result in the following: $200 deposit required to re-book, and any and all discounts and coupons will not be applicable when re-booking
  • Prices for permanent cosmetics include topical anesthetic for your comfort.
  • Additional touch-ups are priced as $100 table fee – for small spot or another complete application.
  • Corrections to another technician’s work may have an additional charge. Corrections may require up to 3 applications to fully correct. A price quote will be provided at consultation.
  • Permanent makeup fades over time and will eventually need a color boost. Color boost of Fusion’s permanent cosmetic clients will be done at a discounted rate.