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Makeup Removal

Non-Laser permanent makeup removal  |  $175 per session

Fusion Salon is now pleased to offer a non-laser, permanent makeup removal service to our clients. We are the only salon in the area to offer this non-invasive and painless solution to remove unwanted tattooing of permanent makeup.

Tattoo Renoval 88 LogoWe use the innovative product, Tattoo Removal 88, which is faster and safer than using a laser. Unlike other methods which use micro-needling on the skin, Tattoo Removal 88 uses the concept of a square cartridge with 88 needles and a solution that contains a basic PH 8.5. The applicator has a patented magnetic needle technology that doesn’t vibrate, and its round-square configuration allows the needle to surf on the skin without penetrating it. This process does not cause any inflammation or scars on the skin. This miracle technique is marketed as an alternative to laser tattoo removal and surgical excision, which can cause indiscriminate damage to the surrounding skin tissue, resulting in scarring.

Introductory Special: $175 per session. The number of sessions required will depend on the age, depth, type of skin, and type of pigment that was used in the tattoo.  Ask for Denise Ohlerking when scheduling your removal appointment. 

Key benefits of Tattoo Remoov 88 at Fusion Salon
Permanent makeup removal treatment at Fusion Salon